West, HealthPrize Technologies Partner

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. and HealthPrize Technologies LLC have formed a strategic collaboration to integrate HealthPrize’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) medication adherence and patient engagement platform with West’s injectable drug-delivery systems, to provide an end-to-end connected health solution to pharmaceutical companies and the patients they serve. The combined offering will provide electronically connected drug-delivery systems that track when patients take their medication, educate and engage patients to increase adherence and medical literacy, and reward them for compliance with their prescribed regimen.

The HealthPrize platform leverages a combination of gamification, behavioral economic concepts, education, and rewards to maximize motivational impact. Patients enrolled in HealthPrize programs demonstrate persistently high engagement rates and materially higher adherence rates, nearly 50% higher than baseline, on average. In collaboration with West, HealthPrize will also offer real-time verification of medication usage via wireless connection to West’s drug- delivery systems, including various biologics and other self-injected therapies.

West provides solutions for self-injected drugs covering a range of dose volumes and drug viscosities. West currently markets several hand-held drug delivery systems, including the SmartDose wearable injector, a wearable bolus injector to be studied in a clinical setting, the SelfDose injector, and the ConfiDose auto-injector. West is also a contract manufacturers of pens and auto-injectors globally, producing more than 100 million of these devices each year.

The companies, in providing a universal solution adaptable for all types of devices and data transfer systems for wireless communication, are also implementing additional data-transfer technologies into the platform, including smart labels, RFID/NFC and QR-code scanning. West intends to develop system technology that will allow both West drug-delivery systems as well as existing drug delivery devices of other manufacturers to interface with the HealthPrize software.

Source: West Pharmaceutical Services

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