Enable Injections, Flex Partner for Wearable Biologics Injectors

Enable Injections Inc., a Cincinnati, Ohio-based developer and manufacturer of wearable medical devices that enable easy patient self-administration of high-volume injectable drugs, has entered into a product development and manufacturing partnership with Flex, a provider of design, engineering, manufacturing, and real-time supply chain and logistics services. As part of the deal, Enable Injections and Flex will collaborate on the design, development and production of customized wearable injector systems for pharmaceutical company products and clinical trials. The pact focuses on the production of advanced wearable high-volume biologics injectors

Founded February 2010, Enable Injections develops and manufactures wearable devices that allow self-administration of high-volume/viscosity drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry investigational use. The company’s injectors allow for subcutaneous delivery of up to 50 mL doses of high volume and/or viscous biologics.

Source: Enable Injections


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