Ferring Partners in Extended-Release Peptide Therapeutic

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a Saint-Prex, Switzerland-headquartered specialty biopharmaceutical group, has entered into an exclusive worldwide development and option agreement with Foresee Pharmaceuticals, a Taipei City, Taiwan-headquartered clinical-stage pharmaceutical company to use Foresee’s proprietary stabilized injectable formulation (SIF) platform to develop long duration, controlled-release formulations of a peptide therapeutic.

Under the agreement, Ferring will fund the development work and, upon completion, Ferring will have the right to exercise its option and enter into a definitive agreement with Foresee that would entitle Foresee to additional payments including upfront, milestones, and royalties based on net sales of products commercialized by Ferring. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Source: Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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