GE, Xiangxue Pharma Partner for Cell-Therapy Manufacturing

GE Healthcare has partnered with Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., a Guangzhou, China-headquartered pharmaceutical company, to provide GE’s FlexFactory platform, a semi-automated end-to-end manufacturing platform, to help scale up, digitize and accelerate manufacturing processes for Xiangxue’ cell-therapy clinical trials and future commercialization..

This project marks the first application of GE’s FlexFactory for cell-immunotherapy drugs based on high-affinity and high-specificity T cell receptors (TCR). Xiangxue is developing a TCR cell therapy for treating cancer.

FlexFactory for cell therapy was developed to help companies achieve scalable manufacturing of cell-therapy products. The platform is designed to help shorten the commercialization cycle through improved translation from scientific research to clinical trials to industrial-scale production. GE Healthcare will also provide Xiangxue with training services, process development, flexible cell-processing equipment, and digital connectivity solutions.

This FlexFactory platform is expected to be operational in March 2019.

Source: GE Healthcare

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