GEA Partners in Solid-Dosage Continuous Manufacturing

GEA, a Düsseldorf, Germany-headquartered equipment manufacturer, and the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), a Graz, Austria-headquartered process research center, have partnered to facilitate the industrial implementation of continuous manufacturing technologies for solid-dosage products.

The partnership is intended to provide a single-source repository of process technology, design, and material science knowledge, as well as simulation and modeling expertise, to optimize the integration and use of process technologies and unit operations for producing oral solid dosage forms.

Through the collaboration, the two groups plan to help pharmaceutical companies to better negotiate the regulatory submission process, shorten timelines, reduce risk, and expedite drug development from research and development through tech transfer to commercial production.

RCEP is involved in the field of process and product optimization. Its main focus is on the development of new drug delivery systems and the associated production processes and their monitoring.


Source: GEA


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