Jones, ThinFilm Launch Automated Package Tagging

Jones, a London, Ontario, Canada-based packaging firm, and Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm), based in Oslo, Norway, have launched Thinfilm’s near-field communications (NFC) OpenSense tags to paperboard pharmaceutical packaging on a high-speed production line.

The customized Jones production line can apply and read up to 15,000 tags per hour. Thinfilm’s protocol enables a read-speed that is up to 20 times faster than conventional NFC solutions, according to the companies. The technology can be used within high-speed, high-volume packaging production lines found in Jones’ manufacturing facility.

Jones and Thinfilm are engaging global pharmaceutical companies to integrate the smart technology into product packaging and deliver the solution to market. The ongoing collaboration will also include the integration of ferrite shields with the OpenSense tags, which will enable the NFC technology to function on metalized packaging such as blisters commonly used for cold/flu medications.

Source: Jones

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