Novo Nordisk, Zosano End Transdermal Drug Delivery Pact

Novo Nordisk has decided to end its collaboration agreement with Zosano Pharma Corporation, a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, for the development of a transdermal presentation of select Novo Nordisk glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogs. Zosano was notified that the decision relates to a strategic prioritization by Novo Nordisk of its research portfolio. Upon the expected termination of the agreement, all technology rights licensed to Novo Nordisk related to the field of GLP-1 products will revert to Zosano.

Zosano and Novo Nordisk entered into a collaboration agreement in January 2014 to develop a new transdermal presentation of proprietary human GLP-1 analogs of Novo Nordisk to be administered once weekly using Zosano’s microneedle patch system for treating Type 2 diabetes. Zosano Pharma Corporation has developed a proprietary transdermal microneedle patch system to deliver drug formulations through the skin for various indications.

Source: Zosano Pharma Corporation

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