Pharmajet Signs Pact with WHO for Needle-Free Drug Delivery

PharmaJet, a Golden, Colorado-based manufacturer of needle-free devices, has formed a multi-year agreement with the World Health Organization to provide PharmaJet's needle-free technology in the global effort to eradicate polio.

The PharmaJet Tropis needle-free device delivers medications and vaccines intradermally by means of a narrow, high-velocity fluid stream, which penetrates the skin and delivers the medicine or vaccine into the dermis.  Additionally, the auto-disabling syringe precludes any possibility of syringe reuse.

PharmaJet will also supply its PharmaJet Stratis needle-free device to the National Institutes of Health in a separate collaboration for a DNA vaccine clinical trial for the Zika virus. For DNA vaccines to work, the DNA vaccine must get directly into the cells. For that purpose, a new delivery method was needed.

Source: PharmaJet

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