Sanofi Completes $650-Million Acquisition of Protein Sciences

Sanofi has completed its acquisition of Protein Sciences, a Meriden, Connecticut-based privately held vaccines developer and manufacturer, in a deal worth up to $750 million.

In July 2017, Sanofi agreed to acquire Protein Sciences for an upfront payment of $650 million and up to $100 million upon achievement of certain milestones.

Through the acquisition, Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines global business unit of Sanofi, adds a product to its influenza vaccine portfolio: Flublok (influenza vaccine), a recombinant protein-based influenza vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In October 2016, Protein Sciences received approval from the FDA for the quadrivalent version of Flublok vaccine (Flublok quadrivalent vaccine), indicated for adults 18 years and older.

Source: Sanofi

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