SCHOTT Advances Vial Production

SCHOTT is advancing to full-scale production of its new adaptiQ system for ready-to-use pharmaceutical vials at the company's US facility in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in preparation for commercial launch early in 2015.

The SCHOTT adaptiQ consists of a patented nest that securely holds up to 100 clean and sterile vials in an industry-standard tub. Users can load these directly onto their filling lines without having to perform processing steps, such as washing, drying, and sterilizing. Besides simplifying the process, the new nested packaging protects the glass containers from scratches caused by vial-to-vial and vial-to-machine contact. This reduces the reject rate and also preserves the cosmetic quality of the vials. The vials will be available for purchase early in 2015, initially in ISO formats: 2R and 4R. SCHOTT will gradually introduce adaptiQ in all common ISO formats, from 2R to 30R. Samples are available for evaluation.

At the same time, the US syringe production line will be transferred to SCHOTT's Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Transfer of syringe production from the US to Switzerland began in December 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2016.

Source: SCHOTT

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