Vertellus Acquires Pentagon Chemicals

Vertellus, a producer of pyridine and pyridine derivative chemicals, has purchased Pentagon Chemicals (Holdings) UK Ltd., a manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals. The acquisition expands Vertellus' manufacturing presence in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors and positions Vertellus to complement its current chemistries with Pentagon's capabilities in phosgenation, chlorination, Grignard reactions, and sodium dispersion, among other capabilities.

Revenues from life-science applications represent more than 65% of Vertullus’ total revenues, and Vertellus expects the acquisition will increase its agriculture chemical and pharmaceutical businesses.

Vertellus is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has approximately 800 employees. Pentagon’s fine chemical business is based in Halebank, Widnes, the UK, and its specialty chemicals business is based  Workington, Cumbria, the UK.

Source: Vertellus 


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